Nora Fatehi Saree Look: Nora Fatehi has made everyone crazy again with her style. By moving the pallu of the saree, Nora has struck hearts with her style.

Nora Fatehi Photos: Every act of Nora Fatehi is deadly and there is no doubt about it. When Nora swings the julfe, it gets really cloudy during the day and the viewers’ hearts are out of control, but this time Nora injured the hearts by dropping the pallu, not waving the julfe. Nora Fatehi shared the latest photos on her Instagram and sees what fans can’t stand anymore.

Nora waved the pallu of the sari

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In the latest photos shared by Nora Fatehi, she can be seen in a pink saree. In this very beautiful saree you can also see every corner of Nora’s beauty blooming. Nora Fatehi looks even more beautiful in this saree. But more than the saree, everyone’s eyes are on the mole that shows Nora by dropping the pallu of the saree. The hearts of lovers are so glued to this mole that it has become very difficult for them.

By the way, Nora Fatehi has been trolling a lot lately when she was wearing this saree, in fact Nora was wearing this saree two days ago while shooting Dance Deewane Junior. It was raining heavily in Mumbai at the time. So on the shooting set, Nora’s sari was spotted with the guard, causing Nora to get a lot of trolling on social media.

A post shared by Nora Fatehi (@norafatehi)

She also shows off saree beautifully in the past.

It’s not the first time Nora has wreaked havoc by wearing a sari, by the way. On the contrary, Nora Fatehi often continues to enhance her beauty in this way. She has been spotted in a saree on the sets of Dance Deewane Junior in the past and every time she has shown her beauty by wearing a saree.

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