Nora Fatehi Dress: Nora Fatehi is once again in the spotlight because of her looks. At the sight of Nora in a yellow satin Thai split dress, hearts beat again, but with this Nora is in the news again.

Nora Fatehi Stylish Dress: Nora Fatehi’s style is enough to praise. Indian look or western look Nora wreaks havoc in every style and this time when Nora came out of the house, the heart, the breath, the eyes of the beholder were caught. When they saw Nora’s beauty in a yellow outfit, the hearts of the fans pounded. Now this look from Nora Fatehi has gone viral on social media.

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Nora stunned in a nightgown-esque dress; gadar

Nora was spotted today not on the sets of Dance Deewane Junior but elsewhere in Mumbai where she appeared in a yellow dress. Nora Fatehi looked gorgeous in a flowy satin dress, high heels, open hair and a small purse in her hand, but this dress from Nora looked like a nightgown.

At the same time, social media users are also commenting a lot on this look of Nora, someone loves this look of Nora, if anyone liked the dress then someone trolled Nora.

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She blows her senses with style

Although Nora is famous for her style and Nora often tickles everyone’s senses with her style, her dress sense. Recently, Nora made headlines with her denim look. Wearing a denim top, denim skirt and denim boots, Nora Fatehi dominated social media with her look.

Before that, Nora’s sari look had caused a lot of panic. Nora Fatehi looked no less than an Apsara in a really pretty pink saree. Though Nora was trolled a lot about this saree and the reason for it was the rain in Mumbai.

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