Actor Nimrat Kauro, who was recently featured in the movie Dasvi, spoke about her weight loss journey after filming the movie. She said it was painful and challenging to lose weight. She had to have gained 15 kg for her role in the film. Nimrat also spoke of ageism, saying it was an “extremely outdated and old-fashioned” way of looking at a person. Read more: Nimrat Kaur Says People Around Her Are Joking About Her Weight Gain

In a new interview, Nimrat said she was having a hard time losing the weight she gained for her Netflix movie, Dasvi, which was also showing Abhishek Bachchan and Yami Gautam. The comedy drama was released in April and Nimrat was seen as prime minister. The actor said she suffered an injury and was still recovering. She also said she had not yet been able to return to her “regular fitness routine.”

Speaking of her weight loss, Nimrat told The Times of India in an interview: “My weight loss journey after Dasvi was challenging because I ended up injuring my calf muscle. I got a calf tear; it’s called a tennis leg and it’s extremely painful. It took I have about four months to heal I am still recovering This slow process has taught me to be patient I have now developed a huge respect for my body I listen to it very carefully and understand what it needs “I’m not back to my usual fitness routine yet. This phase has taught me not to take anything for granted.”

Nimrat also addressed ageism in the interview, saying she believed age was “just a number.” “There’s always a lot of age labels. Either you are too old or too young to do this or that. Age is really just a number. Some of the wisest people I know are very young at heart, and the liveliest, most energetic people are at a perceptibly advanced age. Whether male or female, age is a very jaded way of looking at a person. I am convinced that ageism is extremely outdated and out of fashion,” Nimrat said.

Earlier in May, Nimrat shared in an Instagram post that people around her were joking about her recent weight gain, showing “no basic politeness.” Before Dasvi, Nimrat was featured in the eighth season of the popular American TV show Homeland, in which she played an ISI agent.

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