Nikki Tamboli’s video is in discussion on social media. In this video, the actress was seen wearing a revealing top. The actress’s mole was also captured on camera.

Nikki Tamboli Video: Once the rainy season comes, the biggest problem is when you wear high heels and have to walk on the floor. In such a situation, the fear of slipping on the wet floor is greatest. When ‘Bigg Boss 14’ ex-contestant Nikki Tamboli had to face this rain and wet floor, her condition only got worse. During this, as soon as the actress was caught on camera wearing a revealing top, people’s eyes were pinned on the mole that was lying on her back. This video of the actress is going viral on social media.

Get rid of the fear of slipping

In this video you can see that Nikki Tamboli was seen wearing jeans and low waist jeans with a yellow revealing crop top. During this, for fear of slipping, the actress took off her high heels and reached for the car that was holding her in her hand.

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Wore a revealing top

During this, while the actress was wearing heels in her hand because of the rain, the fans’ eyes were also glued to her backless top. This top of the actress rested on three strings. What’s special is that as soon as the actress got close to the car and as soon as the camera zoomed in, the birthmark on the actress’s back was also captured in the camera.

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Bindass style goes viral

Nikki Tamboli’s cool style is going viral on social media. The actress not only avoided holding heels in front of the camera, but also posed fiercely for selfies with fans. This style and video by Nikki Tamboli is increasingly going viral on social media. Let us tell you that Nikki Tamboli became popular through ‘Bigg Boss Season 14’. In this show, Nikki impressed everyone by playing a great game.

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