Neha Kakkar has danced ‘Naagin’ on the floor with husband Rohanpreet Singh. Fans are going crazy after seeing this video of the singer.

Mumbai Bollywood’s famous playback singer Neha Kakkar rules people’s hearts with her singing. New songs from Neha are released from time to time and they create buzz on YouTube. At the same time, Neha Kakkar is again in the news. However, the reason for being in the spotlight is not Neha’s newly released song, but her dance video (Neha Kakkar Dance Video). In this clip you can see the singer lying on the floor with her husband Rohanpreet.

Fans are also surprised to see this form of singer. This video was shared by Rohanpreet on her Instagram and wrote in the caption – Miss you Lado, Aaja Jaldi please Nehu. He captioned the video: “If your partner dances like this without drinking alcohol, marry her immediately.”

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This dance Neha Kakkar recently attended a friend’s birthday party. In this party, Neha Kakkar did snake dance to many songs. Rohanpreet also supported her. Neha Kakkar, who sometimes lies on the floor and sometimes raises one leg and dances, looks very funny. The guests had a lot of laughs after seeing this dance by Neha Kakkar, whose voice can also be heard in the video. One fan wrote: ‘That’s why we fall in love with this girl over and over again.’

This dance video by Neha Kakkar is well received. Fans are also very akin to her style. Fans are also very akin to this dance style of Neha Kakkar and comment openly. Neha Kakkar and Rohanpreet Singh got married in 2020. Apart from this, Neha Kakkar has been in the spotlight many times since her marriage regarding pregnancy news. So far, however, the couple has not shared any good news from their side.

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