Namrata gained so much fame singing Do Ghunt that she didn’t take the name of quitting then and continued to grow. Namrata has also shared the BTS video of two sip songs on social media, which shows how passionately she fulfills all her projects.

Bollywood or Bhojpuri. Every day many stars come to try their luck in the entertainment world. The happiness of one of them sustains, then none of them. A few months ago, a new actress knocked at the cinema of Bhojpuri. The actress shot a music video with Khesari Lal Yadav and became a people favorite overnight. Let us know who is that actress who is called the Nora Fatehi of the industry today.

So much has been written above about the Bhojpuri actress who competed with Nora
that one can now easily see that Namrata Malla is spoken of here. Last year, Namrata Malla was featured in Do Ghunt Song with Khesari Lal Yadav. In this issue everyone noticed Namrata Malla along with Khesari Lal. Namrata’s style and dance moves in the music video were convincing.

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This was Namrata Malla’s first song with Khesari Lal and she gave her 100% for it. The couple Namrata Malla and Khesari Lal managed to impress the fans in the music video. Namrata got so much fame from the song that she didn’t take the name of quit then and continued to grow. Namrata also shared the BTS video of the song Do Ghunt on social media, which shows how passionately she completes all her projects.

Video dance posted on social media

Is not only profession for Namrata Malla, but passion and life. Namrata Malla dances to each song with such energy that the spectators keep watching. Not only this, when you see Namrata dancing, you will also remember Nora Fatehi. What the two actresses have in common is that they have built up a very good identity in less time than their dance. You think so too, don’t you?

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