Rish Shah has long turned to Bollywood to see how the South Asian community got the right representation on screen while growing up in the UK, and is pleased that the West is rectifying this and making it a more inclusive world for “brown people “.

And that is proven by the acceptance of the global project, Mrs. Marvelthat is the story of a muslim superhero, and revolves around the culture of pakistan and india.

“The show represents only part of the industry change in the West. It’s just one story about one girl and one community. Growing up I would have killed to see it Mrs. Marvel on a global platform,” says Shah, adding, “I grew up with Bollywood. I remember watching RaOne and watching Krish with Hrithik Roshan. Now it’s really exciting that people see our culture in a really positive light. Hopefully it will only provide more opportunities to tell other stories. And that’s the most important thing.”

And the change is not only on the screen, but also behind the screen. “With the show, I went on this journey to wear my culture and just be proud of it. The whole team has been out and about. We listened to Bollywood songs. And that was the first time I played a song, for example by Atif Aslam, could share with my opponent, and just sing it together. It’s not often we do that,” said the actor, who has appeared in projects such as To all boys: always and Always and Emmerdale Farm.

So lately the South Asian community is finally getting the representation at the global level. And Kamala is said to be the first Muslim MCU superhero. How does it feel to be part of something so monumental? And what does representation actually mean?

Now, Shah, who is seen in the role of Kamran in Mrs. Marvel, claims it is super important to him to stay true to his roots and identity in the projects he chooses in the future.

“Proper representation is the most important thing for me. But I wish for a world where it’s not the most important thing we have to talk about. I hope the industry starts to change. And hopefully it will start to make a change towards a world where it is normalized. Like, the world can imagine aliens, why can’t we imagine a brown superhero? It’s an exciting time,” he says, adding: “Now we hope to see more stories. Aside from Ms. Marvel, there are so many more stories to tell.”

For Shah, the most important thing is to “play roles that don’t fit into stereotypes”. “But rather undermine them, so to be able to do that is the most important thing to me, and to be a working actor is important to me, I want to keep learning and growing… I hope I can keep doing that, ” he ends.


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