Monica Dogra is a musician and actress. She is appreciated for her role in Ekta Kapoor’s web series ‘The Married Woman’, which also appeared Ridhi Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja and Imaad Shah. It was based on Manju Kapur’s book, A Married Woman. Now Monica revealed that she was pansexual and how she kept her marriage a secret from the media for a long time. The singer-actor came out as pansexual via Instagram last year.

Speaking to Hindustan Times, she revealed that she only came across the term “pansexual” five or six years ago, for which everything was “very black and white.” Recalling her trip, she said that when she was little, she was a tomboy some days and hyper-feminine on other days. She added that she liked to express both sides of herself. Monica also said she never kissed a girl or had a full-blown sexual experience with a girl until she was in college. “I was drunk at a party. It wasn’t until much later that I felt that I had completely fallen in love with a biological woman who presented male. That really tickled my head. Until then, I identified as straight,” she said.

She went on to talk about her secret marriage, calling him “a very gentle, kind, wise and extremely understanding man.” Monica said: “I had to tell him that I was attracted to my co-star in a movie I had starred in, about a trans woman who wanted to switch. He held my hands and understood me. It made me love him even more.” The singer stated that they have gone their separate ways and have chosen to dissolve their marriage.

monica also revealed that she was ashamed of her gender and was also harassed by her cousins ​​in India. She said her art was her greatest outlet to tell the truth and investigate. “If you watch my music videos and listen to my lyrics, I have revealed my soul for a long time,” she said. On the work front, she was last seen in the 2021 web series, Cartel.

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