India has the beauty queens of 2022. The title of Femina Miss India 2022 was kicked off this year by Sini Shetty from Karnataka. Sini Shetty is talked about everywhere. But do you know that Rubal Shekhawat, the first runner-up of Miss India 2022, is also none other than anyone else when it comes to beauty. Rubal may have been a step behind Cini Shetty, but she’s also the perfect combination of beauty with brains.

Rubal Shekhawat’s journey was very difficult. But she always went on to make her dreams come true and now she has won the title of First Runner of Miss India 2022.

Rubal Shekhawat is interested in dancing, acting, painting and badminton. Rubal Shekhawat has also been an NCC cadet. Born in Jaipur, Rubal is also very fond of horse riding and swimming.

Rubal Shekhawat had said in an interview with ETimes some time ago: I come from a community where the practice of the screen still matters a lot. It was very difficult for me to choose modeling as a career. At that time I had no support from my family.

Rubal went on to say… My father is in the military. In such a situation, she has always taught me to believe in myself and to fight for what feels right. That’s how my parents supported me later on. Only thanks to her support and love I was able to follow my dreams.

Rubal went on to say: My parents have supported me since they understood my passion. However, the company still does not accept my choice. For me, the support of my parents is enough.

Besides, even after so many obstacles, Rubal Shekhawat did not give up and continued to fulfill her dreams.

Rubal is very beautiful and glamorous. Roebel has 114K followers on Instagram. Looking at her photos, you can guess that Ruble has no answer when it comes to fashion and style statement. Ruble’s Instagram account is full of her glamorous photos.

Rubal Shekhawat also likes to travel a lot. When you see her Instagram account, you understand for yourself. She has shared her beautiful photos with fans of many beautiful locations. From Ruble’s fashion statement to her fitness, everything about her is perfect. How did you like meeting Rubal Shekhawat, the first runner-up of Miss India 2022, be sure to tell us.

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