Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have left Switzerland for another destination, now to a warmer place. At the end of Monday, Mira shared several photos and videos of a park on her Instagram stories, showing how her children were having fun simply playing around, watching pigeons and participating in adventure games. Also read: Shahid Kapoor shares romantic photos with Mira Rajput from Switzerland, fan calls her ‘Kabir Singh ki asli Preeti’

Mira Rajput shared a photo of three-year-old son Zain Kapoor and five-year-old daughter Misha Kapoor doing some kind of rope climbing and captioning “We play Takeshi’s Castle with our own kids.” She shared many more photos of them playing block puzzles and doing other fun activities. She also shared a video of the park watching pigeons while her kids played. She captioned it, “Getting a little too friendly,” hinting at how the pigeons got close to her, then shared a photo of Zain running around and wrote, “found the hunter.”

Mira Rajput shared pictures of her children playing on Instagram.
Mira Rajput shared pictures of her children playing on Instagram.

Two days ago, Shahid shared an adorable photo with Misha and Zain from a similar spot on Instagram. He captioned it: “Moments we remember from childhood that shaped us. And then we get to do them again as an adult. Sometimes as children we can even fulfill our own dreams. The child in us is always alive. Keep it well fed. At every stage of life.”

Shahid and family had been to Switzerland before, where they spent some time sightseeing, enjoying the view of the lake and struggling to find vegetarian food.

She even wrote a note complaining about their hotel saying, “At a time when veganism is a global movement and an accepted way of life (unlike 5-7 years ago when making something without egg was unheard of), it’s disappointing when large hotels groups are impervious to dietary requirements even if they are informed in advance Removing meat from a dish does not make you accommodating And please – sliced ​​fruit is NOT a dessert.” Later on Mira appreciated the hotel for resolving of the business when she said goodbye.

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