Mira Rajput Viral Pic: Shahid and Mira are regarded as Bollywood’s most famous couple. Fans love to see these two together. Recently, a photo of Mira Rajput went viral, presumably from when Shahid made her Bollywood debut.

Viral Photo Of Mira Rajput: Besides her acting, Bollywood’s famous actor Shahid Kapoor is also known for her good looks. Thus, thousands of beauties die on Shahid, but the actor did an arranged marriage with the wishes of her parents. Shahid surprised many people by marrying Mira Rajput, who is 15 years younger than herself. The actor has also been trolled many times regarding this age difference between Shahid and Mira. But the actor doesn’t care about that. Although Shahid and Mira also look really good together. But have you ever tried to know what Mira would have looked like when Shahid started her Bollywood career?

Meera’s childhood photo

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When Shahid started her career, she became a favorite of many people because of her appearance. Now the actor is a married star and is also the father of two children. Shahid is about 15 years older than her wife Mira Rajput. Now a photo of Mira Rajput’s youth has recently gone viral. It is said that this is a photo from the time when Shahid’s first movie came out. Mira Rajput herself shared her throwback photo. In this photo, she was seen in a blue T-shirt and white pajamas.

Shahid is the father of two children

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Let us tell you that Shahid Kapoor married beautiful Delhi girl Mira Rajput on July 7, 2015. Shahid was about 35 years old at the time of marriage and Mira was only 20 years old. In Shahid and Mira’s marriage, this age difference between the two became the subject of much discussion. Both have been married for seven years. The couple has two children Misha and Zain. Misha is currently five years old and Jain is three years old.

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