Shahid Mira Romantic Video: Recently, a video of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput has surfaced where Mira kisses her husband in a very romantic way.

Shahid Mira Romantic Video: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput are considered to be the most favorite couple in Bollywood. Shahid may be a big star of Bollywood, Mira Rajput is none other than him. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Meera a social media queen, her posts continue to go viral on the internet. Today, a video has surfaced of Shahid and Mira showing her getting cozy with her husband.

Shahid mira romance

Shahid and Mira (Shahid Mira Video) continue to share fun moments every day while another video is causing a stir on social media. In this video we see Shahid and Meera dancing at a party and only then Meera pulls Shahid over and kisses him. Fans react to this adorable video from Shahid Mira.

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Mira is 12 years younger than Shahid

Let us tell you, Shahid (Shahid Kappor Wedding) had arranged marriage with Delhi girl Mira Rajput in the year 2015. Shahid’s arranged marriage in this way was shocking to many as Shahid’s name was associated with many Bollywood beauties and also she was expected to marry only one Bollywood actress. Mira is not one or two years younger than Shahid, but 12 years younger than her and she was only 21 years old when they got married. Both have become parents of two children.

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Dad sent relationship to Meera’s house

Shahid and Mira first met in a satsang. Shahid often went to a satsang in Delhi with his father Pankaj Kapoor. Meera’s family also came and went in this satsang. As the bond between the two families grew, there was talk of building a relationship and through this union of the families, Shahid and Meera met. There was a friendship between the two and then Pankaj Kapoor sent a marriage proposal to Meera’s family and then they both took seven rounds and held hands forever.

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