Mira Kapoor About Shahid Kapoor: Mira Rajput is very active on social media. Recently she shared such a photo of her husband Shahid Kapoor that you too will be surprised.

Mira Kapoor on Shahid Kapoor: Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor are one of the most talked about couples in Bollywood. Fans like to see them together. Mira and Shahid not only have a loving relationship, but they both pull each other’s legs. Once again Meera has taken a picture of husband Shahid, on which she has captioned it in such a way that you too will be amazed.

Mira shared Shahid’s photo

Mira Kapoor is very active on social media. She recently shared a photo of her husband on her Insta story, which shows Shahid wearing a white outfit and bending over a bit. Meera shared this photo saying that ‘A girl who loves her shoes’ which means the girl who loves her shoes. Along with this photo, she has also posted many of her photos on Insta Story.

Meera remains active on social media

Meera has never tried to prove herself as an actress. She is often seen spending time with her family and children. However, Mira is a social media enthusiast and often shares her photos and videos with fans. Her fans have grown tremendously over time. Meera is often seen sharing photos and videos of her lifestyle for the fans.

Shahid meera relationship

Let us tell you, Shahid (Shahid Kappor Wedding) had arranged marriage with Delhi girl Mira Rajput in the year 2015. Shahid’s arranged marriage in that way was shocking to many as Shahid’s name was associated with many Bollywood beauties and she was also expected to marry only one Bollywood actress. Mira is not one or two years younger than Shahid, but 12 years younger than her and she was only 21 years old when they got married. Both have become parents of two children.

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