Actor Meghana Raj Sarju lost her husband, actor Chiranjeevic Sarju in 2020, when she was pregnant with their child. Now, even two years later, she is confronted by trolls who attack her, claiming she doesn’t know him anymore. Meghana has now responded to the trolls, stating that she doesn’t have to prove it to anyone. (Also read: Meghana Raj Sarja returns to acting after a year)

Chiranjeevi died at the age of 39 due to cardiac arrest. Meghana welcomed their son Rayaan a few months later and returned to work in October last year, after her son turned nine months old.

Meghana told Bollywood Bubble: “How do your clothes determine what problems you have in life? And social media has filters, even the worst looking clothes can look really good. There was a moment when I wanted to quit social media, not because people were negative. Actually, for me, by God’s grace and Chiru’s grace, people have been extremely positive for me on social media and I’ve tried to look only on the positive side. Yes, there is no equal proportion, but less of a percentage of people who have tried poking. Very recently, I had posted while eating burgers. I was continuously eating, it was my binge. It was a random decision that I was going to post it on social media.”

She added: “Then some random comments saying ‘oh so now you don’t remember Chiru at all’ I feel like I don’t have to prove it to your brother. I really don’t have to prove it to you or I remember him, I think about him, it’s all up to me I don’t have to put up a message every day that says ‘I do this, I eat this, I remember this person I ‘I follow this person or do this’, that’s not necessary. I don’t have a legal contract with anyone to do that.”

A glimpse of Meghana's mail.
A glimpse of Meghana’s mail.

Meghana often shares photos of Rayaan with herself on Instagram and his late father can also be seen in it. She often poses with pictures of Chiranjeevi holding their son. For her baby shower, she had a cutout of the deceased actor for the photos.

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