Filmmaker Martin Scorsese announced on Tuesday that his film foundation will present the restored version of Malayalam class Kummatty. The Goodfellas filmmaker took to Instagram to announce that Kummatty, directed by Aravindan Govindan, will be presented at The Film Foundation Restoration Screening Room. Several fans in the comment section thanked Scorsese for choosing the film and called it a proud moment for Malayalam cinema. Also read: Anurag Kashyap goes ‘bhow-wow’ as troll calls him ‘dog of cinema’ in photo with Martin Scorsese

In April, Scorsese’s The Film Foundation launched the Restoration Screening Room to host free movies that have been restored with the help of the foundation. The first film to be restored and screened as part of this initiative was the 1945 novel, I Know Where I’m Going!

Martin Scorsese shared a post about Kummatty on Instagram.
Martin Scorsese shared a post about Kummatty on Instagram.

Announcing the premiere of the restored version of Kummatty, Scorsese wrote: “Govindan’s KUMMATTY is an adaptation of a folktale from Central Kerala featuring a part mythical and part real magician named Kummatty. A sweet and captivating story and a visually stunning film, KUMMATTY is a must-see, especially as it has been largely unavailable outside of India until now. Be sure to check out the special features with Govindan’s son, Ramu and the founder of the Film Heritage Foundation, Shivendra Singh Dungarpur.”

In the comment section of the post, several users thanked Scorsese for finding a Malayalam movie. One user wrote: “Thank you Marty for saving our movies. Always a big fan of your works from India(sic).” Another commented: “Proud moment for Mallus (sic).”

Scorsese is co-curating the movie theater with Kent Jones. According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter, other titles in the pipeline as part of The Film Foundation’s restoration program include Federico Fellini’s La Strada, a film noir double film of Edgar G. Ulmer’s Detour and Arthur D. Ripley’s The Chase, and John Huston’s Moulin Rouge.

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