Malaika Arora in Nude Pants: Bollywood actress Malaika Arora is known for her new and tough look, but the experiment the actress has done with her fashion sense this time has ripped everyone’s eyes.

As soon as Malaika got out of her car, along with the cameras, the viewers’ eyes were also stopped for a while. Malaika Arora, famous for fashion experiments, comes by every day to do something, which made her discussions everywhere. Hey.

This time you can see in the latest photos and videos that Malaika Arora was seen with her naked look in a very daring style. During this, Malaika Arora wore a nude colored sports bra and sweatpants. The actress paired this look with a denim jacket.

This Malaika Arora dress was so skin-friendly and to match her skin tone that at first glance, it looks like the actress was not wearing anything. But Malaika had her whole body covered with clothes at that time. The photos and videos of Malaika’s stint on social media have gone viral within seconds.

Malaika Arora wears a nude outfit in this viral video, which surprises people to see. The color of this outfit from Malaika resembles the whole skin. Every day the actress dominates with her similar style. During this step, Malaika got out of her car and went straight to her house with quick steps.

Malaika Arora has turned 48 years old but even at this age there is no shortage of her beauty, fitness and hotness. This is the reason she has millions of fans even today.

Recently, she went to France with her boyfriend Arjun Kapoor to celebrate her birthday. From there, both also shared many beautiful photos on social media.

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