Arjun Malaiaka: Arjun Kapoor recently revealed an addiction to Malaika Arora. he recently shared a photo and by sharing this photo he shared this.

Arjun Malaiaka: Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora have been in a relationship for a long time. The two are often spotted together. Recently, this couple came after a vacation in Paris and even after they got away from there, they both don’t miss a chance to spend time together. Recently, Arjun Kapoor has revealed one of her addictions by sharing Malaika’s photo on social media.

Arjun reveals her addiction

Arjun Kapoor shared the photo of girlfriend Malaika Arora on social media namely his Instagram account. By sharing this photo, he captioned it, bringing people to know about Malaika’s addiction. Arjun Kapoor wrote that selfie with a shopaholic. Let me tell you, shopaholics are called people who love to shop and they can’t live without shopping. In this photo, where Arjun is seen top to bottom in a black outfit, Malaika is wearing an oversized green blazer and cap.

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Malaika video

Malaika Arora also recently posted a video on social media. The bonding of Malaika and Arjun is clearly visible in this video. In this video, Malaika also showed many such pictures, in which she seems to be quite cozy. This video is now much loved by the fans. While uploading this post, Malaika wrote that when the weather is this romantic, a throwback is made. She has written Ek Dil Bana Hai with Paris and also tagged friend Arjun Kapoor.

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Arjun Malaika Relationship

Let us tell you that Malaika Arora is ten years older than Arjun Kapoor. But this age difference between their love does not matter. Malaika fell in love with Arjun and had decided to break up their 15 year marriage and start a relationship with Arjun and now they both happily continue their relationship.

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