Actress Isha Talwar, who came into the limelight overnight by playing the role of Madhuri Yadav in ‘Mirzapur’, won everyone’s hearts for her acting in the show but in real life she amazes everyone’s senses with her bold style.

New Delhi: Actress Isha Talwar has received a special recognition today as Madhuri Talwar of the web series ‘Mirzapur’. In the series, of course, she played the role of a leader wearing a sari, but in real life, Isha’s daring surprises everyone. Now she has blown her senses again by sharing her bikini look with the fans.

Isha Talwar’s acting won hearts

Isha has already achieved great success with her acting work. The actress has played many characters in Southern movies. Now she is starting to get special recognition even among the Hindi audience. In such a situation, while the list of Isha’s fans is constantly growing, the actress also attracts people’s attention by sharing her new avatar with the fans every day.

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Isha Talwar shows off her bikini look in the ocean

In the last photo, Isha is now seen in a really cute style. In this photo, she is seen taking a bath in the sea, wearing an orange bikini. Seen here is Isha’s no makeup look.

She poses into the camera with a smile while fixing her hair. However, only Isha’s face is clearly visible here. The fans of the actress also love this style of hers.

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Isha Talwar is busy with this project

Watching Isha’s upcoming projects, she is constantly signing for Southern movies. Soon the actress can be seen in the Malayalam films ‘Nethra’ and ‘Theerpu’. On the other hand, Isha’s fans are eager to see her again in the strong role of Madhuri Yadav in ‘Mirzapur 3’.

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