Pakistan’s Unique Marriage: No One Pushes For Love. Anything goes in love and war. If there is love, it seems. Much has been written about love, love and love. This was proved by 18-year-old Ashiya and 61-year-old Shamshad. Let us tell you their love story.

Unique Wedding Story in Pakistan: Couples are made in the air. Who insists on love? It is also said that love is blind. But in the present age, given the courage of some young people, it seems that love is blind as well as dumb and deaf. Actually, something similar happened in Pakistan where marriage is in the news. Because the 18-year-old beautiful Asia surprised everyone by marrying 61-year-old Shamshad.

From youtube channel

Let us tell you that after this love story was posted on a Pakistani YouTube channel Pak News 007, it became so viral that the discussions around the world started happening through Pakistan. Let us tell you that Rana Shamshad is a native of Rawalpindi. He is married to Ashiya, 43 years younger.

How did love start?

How did the love between the two start? Speaking to a YouTube channel about this, Ashiya said that her husband married poor girls all over Rawalpindi, she liked this custom so much that she decided to marry them. Ashiya went on to say that when she met him a few times, she felt very relaxed and the local people always talked about her well too. After that, she decided that she would marry him.

Shamshad expressed his thanks to Allah

Shamshad told the same YouTube channel, “I am lucky enough to have such a caring life partner even at this age. It is the karma of the above that Aashiya takes good care of me. At the same time, Ashiya said, Shamshad is also taking good care of him. Ashiya said that Shamshad never let him lack anything. He also takes full care of his family.

Family members disagreed

Shamshad said that after hearing about his marriage, many relatives pulled their faces. He said people don’t let anyone live anyway. Try to create some kind of impediment. People were mad at us about the age difference between me and Aashiya. But we’ve finally fulfilled the promise we made to spend our lives together, regardless of the world.

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