NEW DELHI: Actor Jacqueline Fernandez has said she has been defrauded and manipulated by Sukesh Chandrasekhar and has asked authorities to release her assets seized by the Enforcement Directorate. The 36-year-old actor charged under the Money Laundering Prevention Act said she could be accused at best of receiving gifts from Sukesh Chandrasekhar.

In April of this year, ED provisionally seized its fixed deposits worth 7.2 crores. Last week, ED also filed suit against the actor, accusing her of laundering the proceeds of crime.

Responding to a notice issued after the preliminary seizure order before the PMLA Appellate Body in New Delhi, Jacqueline Fernandez said: “Just because she (a) received certain gifts that were forced upon her for forming a connection, can’ It should not be used to ignore the fact, which further makes it clear that she was scammed by Sukesh Chandrasekhar. ED’s approach unfortunately seems very mechanical and motivated, thus blind to the fact that respondent (Jacqueline) has lost more than what can be measured in money”.

HT reviewed its response submitted on August 22 through attorney Prashant Patil.

Claiming that she was a victim of manipulation, for which the ER should take a humane approach, Jacqueline said that “what she has lost and suffered as a woman cannot be calculated in money”.

About the FDs attached by ED, the actor said that these were created by reinvesting the maturity proceeds of pre-existing FDs and “her professionally earned income was generated by blood and sweat and having worked in the industry for so long” .

Jacqueline also accused ED of being rogue. “What is surprising is that, like the accused (Jacqueline), some other celebrities especially Norah Fatehi were also scammed by Chandrasekhar and Fatehi and other such celebrities who received gifts from the accused are testified while being dragged as one accused. This clearly shows a rogue, motivated and biased approach by the investigating authority that cannot be ignored,” the actor added.

She said she had been tempted to contact Chandrasekhar but never encouraged his activities.

To lure her, says Jacqueline, Chandrasekhar used Pinki Irani alias Angel (another suspect) to contact her, claiming that he was the “cousin of Jayalalitha (former chief minister of Tamil Nadu) and owned Sun TV”.

Claiming that Chandrasekhar insisted on showering her with gifts despite her repeated refusals, the Sri Lankan citizen, who moved to India to work in Bollywood, said “he would just rant and if he was not accepted by the respondent he would be simply instruct men to leave the gifts with the guards or outside the gate,” adding that she never had the opportunity to check the source of these gifts.

Noting ED’s charges against Chandrasekhar, who is said to be the wealthy of 200 crore by impersonating an influential person with political connections, including in the Union Ministry of the Interior, Jacqueline said, “the behavior of accepting gifts from a person who had impersonated herself makes her a victim and at most a witness to the persecution”.

ED did not respond to her comment.

Chandrasekhar, who is currently in Tihar jail, had given several expensive gifts, including three designer bags from Gucci and Chanel; two Gucci outfits for gym clothes, a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes, two pairs of diamond earrings and a bracelet of multicolored stones, and two Hermes bracelets other than a Mini Cooper car to Fernandez, who had returned them.

He was arrested in April 2017 by Delhi police in the Election Commission (EC) bribery case, where it was alleged that he had taken money from AIADMK (Amma) leader TTV Dhinakaran to bribe EC officials in connection with a dispute over the “two leaves of the AIADMK”. ” poll symbol.

While in Tihar prison, he falsified calls to defraud people by impersonating several senior government officials of various key departments of the Indian government.

He took the spoof-calls modus operandi and got in touch with Aditi Singh, wife of former Ranbaxy promoter Shivinder Mohan Singh, who in 2020 pretended to be the union’s home secretary, union law secretary, a officer of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), and more than 200 crore from her over a one-year period under the pretense of contributing to party funds.


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