Laal Singh Chaddha has recorded a low opening weekend near Rs 27 crore as the film has collected between Rs 8.20 and 9.00 crore on its third day. The Aamir Khan starrer opened on Sunday at Rs 11.50 crore, followed by a 40 percent drop to Rs 7 crore on Friday and finally peaking at 20 percent to collect in the Rs 8.50 crore range on Saturday. The film still gets about 55 to 60 percent of its revenue from the 3 national chains, as the single screens and non-national chain audience refuse to get on board the film.
The weekend biz is not up to scratch, despite a holiday release on Thursday. The movie has two days left – Sunday and Independence Day – to put some numbers and set a clock 5-day extended weekend around the Rs 47 crore mark. The film’s fate was more or less sealed on opening day itself, and it’s now a journey to minimize losses from day-to-day business. Of Aamir Khan After 4 long years of returning to the big screen, much was expected from Laal Singh Chaddha, but the subpar trailer followed by a not-so-encouraging film has caused a horrific response from the audience.

Day Wise Box Office Business:
Thursday: Rs 11.50 crore
Friday: Rs 7.00 crore
Saturday: Rs 8.20 to 9.00 crore
Total: Rs 27 crore

Laal Singh Chaddha will fold much under Rs 100 crore, and had it not been for several holidays in the opening week the result would have been even worse than the existing result. The trend so far points to a total lifespan close to Rs 70 crore, but it is difficult to predict a figure given the behavior of the public in the present time. There was a certain amount of anticipation surrounding Laal Singh Chaddha until the month of May, but the bad trailer killed all prospects for the film.

Stakeholders will incur losses on this project and the magnitude will not be known until the film is finished. In terms of foreign countries, Laal Singh Chaddha has about $2.3 million (Rs 18.30 crore) in two days and looks at first weekend over $3 million. Stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates on Laal Singh Chaddha.

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