There are times when actor Kunal Roy Kapoor feels like he’s getting stereotypical of a certain genre, and sometimes he spends his time trying to find his way out of that box. But he has no complaints about it.

“I’ve tried to fill different kinds of roles throughout my career. But the credit also goes to the people who have offered me such roles. I’ve been lucky enough to have people come to me with different things. I did a horror movie, straight drama, mature love story like Aadha Ishqi. People have taken risks with me, sometimes they paid off and sometimes they didn’t,” Kapoor tells us, sharing that even if he’s repeating comedy as a genre, he’s trying to find something new in it.

The 43-year-old continues: “I’m constantly looking for things that can come out of the mold. But it’s a two-way street, both sides have to click, you know, I think it’s a two-way street, I’m looking for things that break the mold.”

The Tribhanga (2021) actor feels he’s not in a position to complain, as he notes, “Because I’ve been so lucky to get work in the industry. There are people who come to me with work, which is a blessing. So I don’t want to complain that I don’t like this or that.”

As for stereotyping, he doesn’t worry about it because there will always be more opportunities to break with it. In fact do Aadha Ishqi was also part of the plan.

“I rarely get a chance to play a character that’s a bit gray, more gloomy, full of remorse and resentment. Doing something that’s dramatic and not in a comedic zone was something fun, which I had to do after such a long time,” he says.

Kapoor candid about being an actor, Kapoor shares: “Being an actor and earning a living is a very privileged position in this country”.

“Very few people get the chance to make that happen. Isilie mein yeh karta ke mujhe yeh nahi pasand, woh nahi pasand. I find it a bit strange. I am lucky enough to be able to wake up every morning, go to a set, do the craft, be it comedy or drama. I’m just happy to wake up and be an actor,” he concludes.


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