After fighting the very popular YouTuber turned entrepreneur Logan Paul in a professional boxing match in 2019, KSI has now challenged his younger brother Jake Paul to a boxing match in 2023. British YouTube personality and rapper KSI recently sent out an open challenge to Jake Paul, stating that the winner of the competition will receive 100% of the scholarship. Shortly thereafter, the younger Paul gladly accepted the challenge in public. Read on to find out more!

Jake Paul fights KSI in 2023

Earlier this month, British YouTuber KSI tweeted, publicly challenging Jake Paul to a boxing match where all the winners emerged at Wembley Stadium, London. Immediately after KSI tweeted the challenge, Jake Paul responded by retweeting KSI’s tweet and making a condition of the fight. The condition was that KSI had to quote Paul’s tweet and state that “As of today in boxing I (Jake Paul) am better.”

KSI accepted the condition and replied the same, citing Paul’s tweet. So as the situation stands now, both Jake Paul and KSI will face each other in the boxing ring at Wembley sometime in 2023 and the winner of the match will receive 100% of the winnings.

But before that happens, KSI is expected to show up next weekend for a thrilling boxing match at the O2 Arena. The YouTuber takes on two opponents on one boxing night. Find out below who KSI will fight with!

Who is KSI fighting this weekend?

KSI has confirmed to fight two opponents in one night at the O2 Arena on Saturday. The British rapper faces fellow rapper Swarmz and professional boxer Luis Alcarez Pineda in the boxing ring in two separate three-round matches.

Initially, KSI would go up against fellow YouTube creator Alex Wassabi. However, after the latter withdrew from the boxing match due to a concussion, KSI brought in Swarmz as a late replacement. So, if you are a KSI fan, get ready to watch your favorite Youtuber/rapper take on some of the most popular internet celebrities in multiple boxing matches.

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