Tamara, daughter of the late singer KK, shared a photo with him on the occasion of his first birthday since his death earlier this year. The photo showed a young Tamara with KK as they shared a pie. The picture showed Taamara as a child, while his wife Jyothy Krishna was feeding him. (Also Read: KK’s Wife Jyothy Krishna Shares Their Unseen Photo On His Birthday)

Taamara shared the photo and wrote on Instagram: “Happy Birthday Dad, I’m going to miss you 500 times today. And miss waking up and eating cake with you, I hope you eat as much cake up there as you want. And do it don’t ‘Don’t worry, we won’t let mom be sad today, we’ll annoy her to the point that she’s mad. I hope you can hear us sing tonight Dad, it’s all for you.’

A glimpse of Tamara's post.
A glimpse of Tamara’s post.

Jyothy was one of the first to comment. She wrote: “I love you, my baby, he will always be with us.” Many fans also showered the post with love for their favorite singer. “A blessing for music today!!! Good luck with the show,” wrote one of them. Another said: “What a beautiful picture. He will certainly look at the concert today with such pride. . Miss you sir. Happy birthday. Thank you for making our lives beautiful with your magical songs. We love you so much. ”

After dating for a few years, KK and Jyothy got married in 1991. They have two children together – Nakul and Taamara. Both children have recreated KK’s popular song together, Yaron, on the occasion of Friendship Day this year. The video also featured KK’s longtime friends Leslee Lewis, Shaan, Papon and Dhvani Bhanushali.

Earlier in the day, Jyothy also posted on social media for her late husband. She posted a photo of them together and wrote: “Happy birthday sweetie. I love you, miss you so much, it hurts.”

After performing an hour-long concert in Nazrul Mancha in southern Kolkata, KK felt unwell and collapsed shortly after reaching his hotel. The singer was rushed to a nearby hospital but was pronounced dead.


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