Actor Harish Rai, who recently appeared in Yash-starrer KGF: Chapter 2, revealed in a recent interview that he is struggling with advanced throat cancer. The actor, who is prolific in Kannada cinema, also added that he was dealing with the illness while filming for KGF 2 earlier this year and kept a beard to hide the swelling caused by the cancer. Also read: KGF Actor BS Avinash Meets Traffic Accident in Bengaluru

KGF: Chapter 2, starring Yashis one of the most successful Indian films of all time and has more than earned it 1200 crore at the till. Harish played Khasim chacha, a father figure to Yash’s Rocky in the Prashanth Neel movie. Harish also appeared in KGF: Chapter 1, which was released in 2018.

Recently, in an interview with YouTuber Gopi Gowdru, Harish opened up about his illness. “Situations can give you greatness or take things away from you. There is no escaping fate. I have been suffering from cancer for three years. There’s a reason I had a long beard when I performed in KGF, to cover up the swelling in my neck that caused this disease.”

The actor added that he had postponed his surgery because he initially did not have enough money for it and now it is getting worse. He said: ‘I postponed my surgery because I didn’t have any money before. I waited for the movies to come out. Now that I’m in the fourth phase, it’s getting worse.” The actor added that he recorded a video asking for help from fans and people in the industry, but couldn’t bring himself to post it.

Aside from the KGF franchise, Harish has also worked in films like Bangalore Underworld, Dhan Dhana Dhan and Nanna Kanasina Hoove. He has been active as a character artist in Kannada cinema for over 25 years.


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