Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual assault in London’s Old Bailey court on Thursday and is reportedly set to face trial next June, according to reports. The actor is facing five charges of assault for alleged crimes committed in the UK from 2005-2013. The actor insists he is innocent, as the allegations first came to light in 2017. Read more: Kevin Spacey indicted on four counts of sexually assaulting three men in the UK

Once one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, Kevin’s career came to a halt after allegations from actor Anthony Rapp over his sexual misconduct in 2017. A series of similar complaints were then filed against Kevin in both the US and UK. British Channel 4 is reportedly working on a documentary about Kevin’s upcoming lawsuits and his life. The actor is known for playing the role of Francis Underwood in the House of Cards series.

According to Deadline, Kevin was charged with five sexual assault charges by the UK Metropolitan Police in June 2022. The alleged landmark crimes spanned a period from 2005 to 2013 in London and the county of Gloucester and targeted three men, all of whom are now between the ages of 30 and 40, the report said. It added that Kevin was formally charged with four charges of assault and one of causing “unconsent sexual activity.”

The actor was photographed arriving at the court in London wearing a blue suit with a dark blue tie and glasses. He was immediately led to a conference room with his legal representatives, according to the report. The judge has set a trial date for June 6, 2023, which is expected to last two to three weeks; though the location remains undetermined. The judge also reportedly continued Kevin’s unconditional bail, which was granted in June.

The Deadline report added that Kevin was free to travel, including internationally for work, after being granted unconditional bail following police and court compliance. However, he is expected in court for the trial and failure to appear would constitute a criminal offence. Thursday’s hearing was reportedly scheduled for Southwark Crown Court; however, probably because of the massive domestic and international media coverage, officials have moved it to Old Bailey.

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