Katrina Kaif Doppelganger: Katrina Kaif recently appeared at an event, but people were shocked when she turned out to be her lookalike and not Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif Doppelganger: Wherever Katrina Kaif goes, there is a long line of fans. People are desperate for a glimpse of the actress. Something similar happened recently when Katrina Kaif suddenly hit an event. But when I saw it up close, it was Katrina’s lookalike and all the people who saw her definitely turned their heads.

People got confused

At an event, a beauty who looked like Katrina suddenly reached Kaif, and as soon as she reached it, the ground slipped under people’s feet. Yes, the name of this beauty is Alina Rai. Alina looks exactly like Katrina. Everyone can get confused after seeing Alina’s photos and videos. Alina looks like Katrina Kaif from every angle. Even the fans were confused to recognize Katrina.

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Alina and Katrina look alike

A video of Alina is going quite viral on social media, in which she looks like Bollywood’s famous actress Katrina. Alina’s stature also resembles Katrina. She is also quite fit, even her facial features match Katrina’s. Alina has a very good fan on social media because of her look on Katrina. Her videos and photos are well received, and people compare Alina to Katrina every day.

Appeared in music video

Alina Rai is a native of Mumbai, she has described herself as an actress in the information on Instagram, by the way, Alina Rai participated in the music video ‘Kamaal’ of the famous rapper Badshah, her song was released in 2019, although Alina Rai She is an actress but there is not much information about her on the internet. Alina from Mumbai is also a fashion blogger. She had said in an interview that I hope people will recognize me by my name and not by someone’s lookalike, it’s important to have my own identity.

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