Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor is not only more active on social media than before but this Bala dinner outing has also increased. Whatever the reason behind this, it has to be admitted that when the former actress comes out of the house, she looks so killer that everyone keeps looking at her.

Karishma Kapoor, the darling of the Kapoor family, was one such actress who tasted success as soon as she stepped into Bollywood. This is because due to her great acting, while building a deep bond with the audience, she also proved herself as a trendsetter after making a few movies. The biggest reason for this, however, was that not only did Lolo make amazing fashion upgrades, but whatever outfit she wore in her movies, she was sure she would be popular with the common people.

This is also the reason that even after she wasn’t that regular in the acting world at the moment, her fire remains intact. At the age of 47, she not only rocks her fashion game but also emphasizes her confidence when stepping out of the house. Karishma’s very similar look hadn’t caught our attention when she reached a famous restaurant in Mumbai to dine with her son. (All Photos – India Times/Yogen Shah)

Mother-son duo caught everyone’s attention

Actually, this whole anecdote is about the time when Karisma Kapoor had dinner with her young son Kiaan Raj Kapoor at a famous restaurant in the Bandra district of Mumbai. During this, the stylish mother-son couple caught everyone’s attention.

This is because Karishma, who raised both her children on her own, was not only well dressed during this time, but she also chose sturdy clothes for her son. Speaking of Karishma, the actress wore a very comfortable dress while Kiaan wore white shorts with blue tees. Because of this one thing, when Kareena’s s*xy look got ‘eclipse’, Karisma also joked about

Karisma was seen in her favorite color

Karisma Kapoor has styled herself in black color to spend free time with her son. The actress can be seen repeatedly in this color, from which it is clear that Hasina really likes this color. She also wore an A-line dress, the pattern of which remained close-fitting.

The outfit was made of fully stretchy material, which fit her body well and fitted well. There was no embroidery of any kind in the dress, but the texture was kept completely clear.

No lack of comfort

In this dress by Karishma, a V-neckline is made in a deep look, where the sleeves are kept in a half look. At the same time, stitching was done on the western line for an attractive touch, showing slight folds in the bottom line.

At the same time, these monotonous clothes added no frills to the glam hint, giving Lolo a very breezy look. The super comfy outfit was styled by the actress with minimal makeup, with her hair in a high bun.

This dress was also shown

Not only in normal days but Karishma’s fashion did not decrease during the Corona period. Take this black shirt dress, in which she does very well. Lolo may have styled it with a face mask, which made Dopamine dressing popular with people, but we have to admit she looks great in black attire.

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