Kareena Kapoor Saree Looks: Kareena Kapoor is one of those beauties who always proves that she doesn’t have to wear fancy labels or sexy dresses to look fashionable. She can show her beauty in a simple saree.

Kareena Kapoor Khan, who once thought of a normal career, is one such actress who not only entered the entertainment industry but also became a superstar. But in the midst of it all, there came a time in her life when she felt her career was about to end. But even during this time, Kareena did not give up. Bebo not only started a new trend in B-Town by taking a size zero, but also overshadowed everyone for her tough style and impeccable attitude.

The biggest reason for this is that Kareena has also been a trendsetter throughout her career. Some of her looks are still like that, which can still be worn even today. We’re not saying this lightly, but a glimpse of it was seen when Kareena had come to attend the wedding of a major Bollywood director’s sister. During this she wore such a stylish version of the Indian ethnic, which is a hit even in the present times.

Party guard with karan

Actually, this whole thing is from the year 2012, when Rohit Shetty’s sister Mehak Shetty got married to her old boyfriend. After all the wedding rituals were completed, a grand reception party was organized for the couple, in which Bebo arrived with her BFF Karan Johar.

Both Kareena and Karan wore these style clothes. But during this Kareena’s gaze was such that it also took all the attention away from the bride. Most of the reason for this is that Bebo was also a newly married woman at the time. In such a situation, she had chosen a color for herself, which suited her very well. Kareena Kapoor met Karisma Kapoor in London, fans asked – has the whole reached Bollywood?

Kareena arrived in a red sari

For this star-studded event, instead of a suit or lehenga, Kareena wore a red saree to create her look. She chose this outfit from India’s famous fashion designer Manish Malhotra’s collection, which is made entirely of chiffon fabric.

There was no embroidery of any kind in these clothes, but the edge was decorated with Chamki work (Mukesh work). The saree was given a wide stripe border with fringes in the pallu. This detail was like that throughout the outfit, increasing the style quotient.Kareena Kapoor’s youngest son, one and a half year old Jeh also did yoga, showed great balance, will lose heart to cuteness

Thin belt blouse

One was the color of Bebo’s sari and the other was the fabric, which had to be in the spotlight even if she didn’t want to. But even after that, Bebo never missed a chance to add a dash of boldness to this look. The actress wore a thin belted blouse with this gorgeous saree, which gave a completely backless look.

The choli had a low-cut neckline, with the sleeves kept in a cut-out look. The blouse undoubtedly had a revealing look, but it was perfectly covered by Kareena with her pallu.

Sindoor was in high demand

The saree Kareena wore was not only stylish but also the perfect choice for things like marriage. This is also one of the reasons that this lady in this outfit was seen fiercely with her beauty. Instead of giving it an Indian twist, she kept the overall look more sexy.

Bebo kept the neck area completely free with these clothes. She only wore earrings with diamonds, which left her hair open. At the same time, she had put vermilion in the question, which also looked very good.

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