Kapil Sharma Dodge Challenger: Kapil Sharma’s latest post is increasingly going viral on social media. In this photo you can see Kapil Sharma posing with the Dodge Challenger of about 65 lakhs. In addition, Kapil has provided a very interesting caption.

Kapil Sharma Dodge Challenger Photo: Comedian Kapil Sharma is in full discussion about his clowning style and Kapil’s lavish lifestyle also remains the talk of the day among the fans. Now Kapil is again dominated by his wealth. In fact, Star Comedin has shared another such photo on social media with fans, showing glimpses of his lavish lifestyle.

Kapil Sharma is on a laugh tour

Kapil Sharma is currently on Laughter Tour. After successful events in Toronto and Vancouver, Kapil now spends time with his team in Canada. In addition, he shared a very spectacular photo with fans on social media. This post from Kapil is going viral twice as fast thanks to his caption.

A post shared by Kapil Sharma (@kapilsharma)

The pose given with the Dodge Challenger

In this photo you can see Kapil Sharma posing stylishly in front of the orange chic Dodge Challenger car, dressed in a bean colored jacket, shorts, cap and sneaker. After seeing Kapil’s caption accompanying this photo, fans are also lashing out at Kapil by making funny comments. Let us tell you that the price of this vehicle is about 65 lakh rupees.

Interesting caption from kapil sharma

Kapil captioned the photo: “I’m going to walk in the car.” He also shared two emoji with this caption. Fans react very funny to this post from Kapil.

A post shared by Kapil Sharma (@kapilsharma)

People heard such things

Friends and his fans are also responding to this post from Kapil. One user wrote: ‘Kya bath hai Kappu paaji, looks like Sony people have increased your salary.’ One user replied sarcastically, writing: ‘Older people can do anything.’ Another wrote: ‘Only Kapil sir can do this.

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