The trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lasted six weeks and finally ended in June. Although Depp came out victorious, he skipped announcing the verdict in the Virginia court because he was in the UK. In a recent report shared by the New York Post, one of Depp’s friends explained why the actor was not in the US to attend the trial.

A friend of Depp informed the New York Post about Johnny’s connection to Europe and said he was not ashamed that there is still “more comfortable”. [in Europe] As for the actor’s plans to release a new album after the verdict and his concerts in the UK together with Jeff Beck, an insider said it wasn’t planned, but rather “coincidentally”.

Speaking about why the actor was not there for the announcement of the Virginia verdict, the insider revealed: “These plans were well prepared long before the trial. The tour and film were already planned.” As for missing the verdict, he went on to add: “He was not there for the verdict because he had already made plans to Jeff Beck. Johnny missed the first night of the tour so he could be in court for closing arguments. But he would never disappoint Jeff. The fights ended and he went to the tour as soon as possible.”

Johnny celebrated his win at the trial in London and although he didn’t go into direct detail during the concert, he released a statement on social media thanking the jury for giving his life back.

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