A fan account shared a video of Johnny Depp laughing with and talking to his legal team outside of his recent concert. The video, which was shot after his concert in Prague, showed him, Camille Vasquez and other members of Johnny’s legal team, who represented the actor in his defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. Many fans reacted to the video saying ‘this is what friendship looks like’. Also read: Johnny Depp’s Attorney Camille Vasquez Reveals His Friend’s Reaction to Their Dating Rumors: ‘He’s Supportive, Met Johnny’

In the video we see Johnny, Camille and others laughing. The actor even waved at the person who shot the video and later hugged his friends. The video also had a caption, which reads: “Johnny and his legal team reunited at one of his shows last night.” The clip was shared on Instagram with the caption, “This makes my heart laugh.”

One fan commented: “This is such a beautiful video. This is what friendship looks like.” Another added: “Being a huge fan of Johnny, I want to thank his lawyers for believing in him and standing by him. He looks so happy and free.” One person said, “I love it! I am sure they will have a friendship that will last a lifetime.” Speaking of Johnny and Camille, one person wrote, “I was hoping Camille and Johnny would end up together. Aw, I’m hopelessly romantic.” Another said: “Just look at Camille Vasquez’s smile.”

During Johnny’s libel trial against Amber, he was represented by Camille and Benjamin Chew. He had brought the case against Amber heard after writing an op-ed for The Washington Post in 2018 in which she represents herself as a “public figure representing domestic violence.” Amber’s personal essay did not mention Johnny by name. However, Johnny’s lawyers argued that her op-ed was part of an “elaborate hoax.”

Johnny and Amber married in a secret ceremony at their Los Angeles home in 2015 after dating for a few years. Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny on May 23, 2016 and obtained a temporary restraining order against him. She said Johnny had physically abused her during their relationship, most often while he was high on drugs or alcohol. Amber also said in a statement that she would donate the amount from the divorce settlement to the charity.

During the trial, Camille had cross-examined Amber and asked if the amount of the $7 million divorce settlement had been donated by her to charity, as promised. After Amber tried to avoid answering it directly by stating that she had pledged the money to various charities, Camille famously said, “Mrs. Heard, with respect, that’s not my question.” During the trial, Johnny’s fans noted his close relationship with Camille and claimed the two were dating. Camille later dismissed the rumors, calling it “sexist.”

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