Pooja Bhatt revealed that she forgot to ask John Abraham whether he was comfortable with the love scenes in their movie, Jism. When he asked her about it, she realized it was presumptuous of women to assume that only women can feel uncomfortable in intimate situations, she said. †Also read: John Abraham reveals first look of new Tehran movie

Directed by Amit Saxena, Jism starred Bipasha and John in lead roles and was based on the story of Mahesh Bhatti† Pooja produced the film. Speaking on Tinder India’s Swipe Ride with Kusha Kapila, Pooja revealed: “I made a movie with Bipasha Basu and we launched the beautiful John Abraham. I actually directed the love scenes and stuff. I went to explain to them what was needed. I tell Bipasha ‘this is what you should do, and if you don’t feel comfortable…’ and John just looked at me and said, ‘Excuse me! Would someone like to ask me if I’m comfortable with this?’ It was like someone threw a bucket of cold water at me. How presumptuous of us women to think that only the women feel uncomfortable in intimate situations. The poor men!”

She added: “God bless all the men I’ve been with because I think I’ve taken something from every single one of them. I especially want to thank the people who broke my heart and stomped all over it because when you look back and what you think is a box of darkness that someone gave you, it actually turns out to be the greatest gift you could possibly get, because that’s what you introduce to yourself again.”

Speaking of her “type,” Pooja said, “I don’t think I have a type, but when I was in my twenties. No regrets, no regrets ever for a full life. But when I was in my twenties, I had the ability to walk into a room full of 100 men, for example. There would be 99 perfectly functional humans and one rat hiding under a table. My zoning device would have me go right there and say, “Hey honey, let me try to fix you.” But you should not forget, you should actually fix yourself.”

Pooja Bhatt was married to Manish Makhija and they separated in 2014. Previously, she was also in a relationship with Ranvir Shorey, but the relationship ended bitterly.

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