Sridevi has said goodbye to the world. But her darlings see the Internet’s mercury rising every day with their photos. Something similar has now happened.

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s sweet daughter Jhanvi Kapoor always remains in the headlines. Some of her photos have gone viral. In which she is seen without a bra. People react to this in different ways.

Jhanvi Kapoor has single-handedly created another identity in the film world. There was a time when everyone knew Jhanvi Kapoor as SriDevi’s daughter. But now Jhanvi Kapoor is known for her work and name.

Boney Kapoor, father of Jhanvi Kapoor, who has a relationship with the movie world, is a film director and producer. Her mother was one of the beautiful Bollywood actresses of her time.

Although she had said goodbye to this world at a very young age. The sadness of this thing is still somewhere in the heart of Jhanvi Kapoor.

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It is every parent’s dream to see their children walk the path of success and children also dream that their parents should be with them as they walk the path of success. Sridevi also wanted to see her beloved Jhanvi Kapoor debut in Bollywood.

Jhanvi Kapoor looks very beautiful in any kind of dress. Be it a bikini or a saree, she always wears any outfit with utmost confidence and makes a place in the hearts of fans.

Recently, some of her photos have gone viral on social media, showing her going to the gym.

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