A photo of Janhvi Kapoor is going very viral on social media. In this photo, the actress’ Oops moment was captured on camera.

New Delhi: Often such photos of actresses are captured in camera, often embarrassing them. One of those photos is going viral on social media. In this photo, Janhvi Kapoor appeared outside the gym. To sit in the car, as soon as the actress turned to the car, her Oops moment was captured from the back in the camera.

This photo is from outside the gym

The viral photo on social media is outside the gym. In the photo, Janhvi Kapoor was seen in a tight outfit at the gym. The actress in the photo is wearing a pink top and blue tights.

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Oops Moment captured while sitting in the car

In this viral photo you can see Janhvi Kapoor made two braids of her hair in which she looks very cute. In this photo where the actress is facing the camera on one side, in the second photo her face is towards the car and her back is to the side of the camera. In the second photo, the actress is sitting in the car. The actress in the photo is wearing so much tight-fitting clothes that her undergarments are clearly visible from the tights and that’s how Jhanvi Kapoor got caught up in Oops Moment.

Recently a bikini photo went viral

Earlier, the bikini photo of Jhanvi Kapoor was in the news a lot. In these photos, Jhanvi was seen taking a dip in the pool. In the photos, the actress was wearing a yellow bikini. In which the gaze of the actress was murderous. These photos of the actress in these pools made headlines on social media.

The work front of Jhanvi Kapoor

Soon Jhanvi can be seen in the movie ‘Good Luck Jerry’. In addition, she has also been in discussion for a long time about Karan Johar’s movie ‘Dostana 2’. After this she can also be seen in ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’.

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