Janhvi Kapoor Coolest Look: Janhvi Kapoor is getting bolder by the day. Recently, at the awards ceremony, the actress was seen in a daring dress, while now wearing a white bra, Jhanvi Kapoor opened the buttons of the jacket and posed in such a way that the photos caused a stir on social media. Check out Jhanvi Kapoor’s latest photoshoot.

In these pictures, Jhanvi Kapoor is wearing a white colored short skirt and jacket with a white bra.

To make this photo shoot hot, the actress opened the buttons of the jacket in front of the camera and took fierce killer poses.

To make her look even bolder, Jhanvi Kapoor made such a long cut in the short skirt that it makes her look glamorous.

Jahnavi Kapoor wears this dress and plays the magic of her killer style on the fans.

To complete her look, she saw the actress tie her hair with a sleek stylish necklace, subtle makeup around her neck.

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