One day later Jacqueline Fernandez was named as a suspect in a A 200 crore extortion case linked to con man Sukesh Chandrashekhar, the actor’s lawyer has claimed that she is innocent. In a statement, her legal team added that Jacqueline is actually the victim of the crime and should not be treated as an accused. The Enforcement Department (ED) had named Jacqueline as a suspect in the case. Also read: ED names Jacqueline as accused in PMLA case linked to scammer Sukesh

The ED alleged that Chandrashekhar used money to buy gifts for Jacqueline, which he extorted by defrauding prominent people, including the wife of former Fortis Healthcare promoter Shivinder Mohan Singh, Aditi Singh. “Sukesh Chandrasekhar had several gifts worth 5.71 crore to Jacqueline Fernandez from the proceeds of crimes generated by criminal activities, including extortion,” the ED had said in a statement. Jacqueline was questioned after photos emerged showing she was dating Sukesh. She has been questioned several times in the case.

Prashant Patil, Jacqueline’s lawyer, told ETimes: “You have to understand the humanitarian side of this. When a person is innocent, and if she is accused of a fake crime, it is certainly painful and not fair. Without hearing Jacqueline’s side of the story, it’s not fair to prosecute her with such untrue accusations. No one bothered to read the ED’s evidence. The full evidence shows she’s innocent. Whether ordinary man or celebrity, everyone has the right to a dignified life. She has worked extremely hard in life to achieve what she has achieved in her profession. Such frivolous accusations only unnecessarily damage the image.”

In another statement, the lawyer claimed that Jacqueline was the victim here and emphasized that she has willingly cooperated with the authorities. “She has handed over all information to the ED to the best of her ability. The agencies have not realized that she was being defrauded and defrauded in this case. She is the victim of a larger criminal conspiracy,” he said..

The ED in April provisionally added 7.27 crore funds from the actor under the PMLA, excluding 15 lakh cash as the agency referred to these funds as “crime proceeds”. On Wednesday, after reports emerged that Jacqueline would be named as a suspect in the case, the actor shared a cryptic note on social media addressed to “dear me,” which read, “Everything will be fine.” However, Jacqueline has not yet publicly commented on the matter.

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