In the world a father takes care of his child. But in this news, such a place is mentioned. Where the father becomes the child’s husband when it is young.

You get to see and hear many kinds of customs and malpractice in the world. A similar practice can be seen here. Many women’s lives have been ravaged by malpractice.

There is such a custom of the Mandi tribe of Bangladesh, knowing what you will be surprised about. Here a father takes care of his child and when she is young she becomes her husband.

It’s a strange tradition to hear, but it’s the truth. Let us tell you that in the Mandi tribe, when a man marries a young widow. It has since been decided that that woman’s daughter will later marry that person.

When a man in this community marries an underage widow, it is final that his stepdaughter will become his wife. The man who calls the child father at a young age.

He later becomes her husband. This practice is no longer there as of today, but has been going on for centuries.

This bad practice requires the father to be a stepmother. If another man marries a widow. He later marries the girl from that woman’s first marriage.

The logic behind this is that the low-aged man gives security to both his wife and daughter for a long time, protects them.

This evil practice has destroyed the lives of many girls of the Mandi tribe here. Whom the girls consider their father since childhood. They are forced to accept him as their husband.

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