With one hit after another, Saunkan Saukne Actor Sargun Mehta attributes her strong position in Punjabi films to her husband, actor Ravii Dubey, whom she has been married to for nine years now. “I manifested myself in the Punjabi industry with my dreams, but if there is ever a Queen tag? [of Punjabi films] attached to me, that will be Ravii’s manifestation. Since we’ve been together, that’s all he’s told me,” she says.

“We met in 2009 and it still feels the same. We started out as very good friends and we still are at our core. Even then we were very respectful of each other’s dreams and happiness. If he’s doing well, I feel like I’ve passed. If I do it right, he will feel the success,” she adds.

Mentioning the constant pregnancy rumors she finds on social media by their fans, she replies: “It’s like that’s all you expect from a couple. It’s tearing down the whole institution of marriage, if that’s all you need to do.” we should do. I’m not saying that someone getting pregnant or wanting to have a baby is wrong. People have different priorities and goals in life. I’m on a different journey right now.”

Sargun also makes her foray into Bollywood with a film starring Akshay Kumar. Talking about her experience, she says, “I’ve been waiting to get into the… [Hindi] medium. A lot of [Bollywood] movies have come my way since i started making punjabi movies but there was nothing very meaty for me. I didn’t want to go unnoticed by doing a song and coming home feeling, ‘OMG, I look beautiful in a song’. I wanted to be part of the story.”

At a time when regional films also make a lot of money at the box office, does language really matter? “Content is now king. I think whoever makes great movies in any language will probably do well,” she muses.

She currently produces two TV shows and says there will never be “something bigger than TV.” “Ghar ghar tak jaane wali cheez hai woh. How come it can be smaller than anything else? People keep saying that movies are great. And I always tell them there’s nothing bigger than TV. If you want to promote your movie, go to a TV show. You want an OTT . promote [show] or a song, you go to a TV show, because TV has the biggest audience. A TV show doesn’t go to a movie to promote itself. You don’t know if a movie is going to work or not. But you know a certain TV show that’s broadcasting, there’s a certain audience attached to it.”

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