how pandu died in mahabharata

so if you are looking for how pandu died in Mahabharata? then in this post, we gonna be discussing how pandu died in Mahabharata. so check this answer for complete information.

how pandu died in Mahabharata

because of the curse. to know more about this read below

Once while hunting Pandu aimed his arrows at what he thought were two deer. Upon going close, he realized they were actually the rishi Kindama and his wife getting intimate. But it was too late. The arrows had pierced them both and they were dying. 

 Enraged, the rishi cursed Pandu before taking his last breath. Pandu too would die if he tried to get intimate with a partner. The guilt-ridden Pandu left the palace and decided to live an ascetic life. But by then he had already married Kunti and Madri. 

Now Kunti had earned a boon years ago whereby she could simply chant mantras and beget children from any deva that she wished. This is how Karna was born when an unmarried Kunti prayed to the sun god Surya. So Kunti used her boon to beget Yudhishtra (out of lord Dharma. That’s why Yudhishtra was so righteous), Bheem (out of lord Vayu) and Arjuna (out of Lord Indra). 

Pandu would bring them up like his children. She also lent her boon to Madri so she could beget the twins Nakula and Sahadeva (out of the Ashvin twins, who were the doctors of the gods). So the family together lived in the jungle. 

But once when Kunti and all the children were out, Pandu tried to get intimate with Madri and as per the curse, he died. Madri felt guilty about his death and committed sati by jumping into his funeral pyre. So Kunti was left to raise all the five children herself.


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