Singer Harry Styles and his girlfriend, actor Olivia Wilde, have been dating since 2020. In a new interview, Harry and Olivia talked about the kind of harsh comments they get on social media about their relationship. Harry said he thinks people are “mean and cruel” towards Olivia, who is often trolled online for dating the singer who is 10 years her junior. Also read: Harry Styles fan falls from balcony at singer’s concert in Scotland, survives; witnesses call it ‘traumatizing’

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Harry said: “It’s obviously a hard feeling to feel like you’re close to me, meaning you’re on the ransom of some corner of Twitter or something. Obviously that doesn’t do me any good. I didn’t want to go into it if I hurt people like that.”

When asked about the negativity, Olivia emphasized that only a small fraction of Harry’s supporters leave harsh comments. Most of them were “really lovely people.” “What I don’t understand about the cruelty you’re referring to is that that kind of toxic negativity is the antithesis of Harry and everything he puts out there. I personally don’t believe the hateful energy defines his fanbase. The majority of them are true champions of kindness.”

According to Harry, he always consults with potential romantic partners early on to prepare them for a potentially unfavorable reaction from some fans. “Can you imagine? Going on a second date with someone and saying, ‘Okay, there’s a corner of the thing, and they’re going to say this, and it’s going to be really crazy, and they’re going to be really mean, and it’s not really … But anyway, what do you want to eat?'”

At the time, it was reported that Olivia had restricted her Instagram comments after hundreds of fans left cruel comments on her photos criticizing the two for their age difference, denouncing Olivia as “embarrassing” and accusing her of “stealing” Harry.

Harry and Olivia met on the sets of Don’t Worry Darling in 2020 and started dating shortly after. The film, due out next month and starring Harry, Florence Pugh and Chris Pine, was directed by Olivia. Harry has a small role in the film.


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