Wedding video: The video that has gone viral on the internet shows the bride and groom sitting at the chair table after the wedding day to eat. During this, their relatives also sit around the bride and groom.

Bride groom video: Once the wedding season comes, people reach out to their relatives by invitation. Some people go to the already married house and settle there and return after a few days of marriage. They are involved in all the rituals that take place before the wedding and record their presence until the departure of the bride. Many such videos of bride and groom are going viral on social media, if you see which ones will bring a smile to your face.

The groom started to smile after seeing the bride before the wedding

In the video that has gone viral on the internet, after Jaymala on the wedding day, the bride and groom are seen sitting at the chair table to eat. During this, their relatives also sit around the bride and groom. The waiters present there bring a lot of food to the table. During this, the thing to note is that the groom is not happy with his bride. As if she is very happy with her marriage. He sees his bride again and again and blushes.

The groom was not blown away by happiness

The groom’s smile is worth seeing as he is very happy with his bride. As soon as the camera comes in front of the groom, the groom starts to smile. At the same time, the bride sits quietly on the chair. As soon as Gulab Jamun is placed in front of the bride, she immediately starts eating it. People are loving this video that is going viral on social media.

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Video went viral on social media

A funny dialogue has also been added to the video. In this video someone can be heard saying – Yesterday a sister-in-law on the bus asked where are you, we said – we are married, now we are nowhere. This video was shared on Instagram by an account called memelandhimachal. People give their own reactions.

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