Wedding video: A video of the bride and groom (video of the bride and groom) is going viral. In this video, the groom expressed his love for his mother-in-law and said this to the bride. People are reacting strongly to this video.

During the wedding, a different charm is seen in the bride and groom. While the bride conquers everyone’s hearts with her beauty, the groom is also full of his nature and sense of happiness. The groom respects his mother-in-law as much as his parents. Yes, the bride will also be very happy with this. Let’s show you one such heartwarming video, which is going wildly viral on social media. This video shows the groom falling in love with his mother-in-law.

When the groom fell in love with his mother-in-law, he said something like this

In this video that has gone viral on the internet, when the groom sits with his bride, only relatives and relatives surround him. Everyone continues to laugh and joke about this. The mother of the bride, ie the mother-in-law of the groom, is also present and the verse ceremony takes place.

In this ritual, the groom speaks some poetry about his bride, but before that, the groom fell in love with his mother-in-law and said in front of everyone: my best regards to your mother-in-law. When they heard this, everyone started screaming. The bride also began to clap happily.

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Hearts won by saying poetry for the bride

After this, the mother-in-law hands him the envelope in the omen. Then the groom also speaks poetry about the two lines of his bride. Yes, this verse comes in the ceremony of the ceremony. However, it is not seen at every wedding. The groom said in his poetry, “Kiwi for verses cooked verses, I think my wife is the most beloved in the world.”

As he spoke this, the groom slightly tripped over his wife. The bride blushes all over and starts laughing by bowing her head down. Then the mother-in-law hands an envelope with omens to the groom to speak verses. This video is going viral on social media.

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