People angry about groom: Wedding day is very special for both bride and groom. But what happens when a groom gets into such mischief with his bride that the beautiful day of their wedding is ruined?

Trending video on the web: In this video that is going viral on social media, a bride and groom can be seen standing in front of a large cake. Both look very good. The bride’s dress also suits her well. But he didn’t know what would happen to him after a while.

Naughty groom puts cake on bride’s face

The video shows the groom taking part of the cake and then applying the Smashes Cake to the bride. The bride fell to the bottom while applying the cake, but the groom didn’t stop even then. First you need to watch this video going viral on YouTube…

anger of people

The groom is seen running after placing the cake and it is clear that the bride is angry. Upon seeing this video, many social media users became furious with the groom. This groom thought it expensive to do that. While the bride gains sympathy, the groom has to deal with angry comments from the people.

Advice given to the bride to divorce

One social media user even advised the bride to separate from the groom. Another user wrote that this is not a comedy scene, the groom spoiled the bride’s most beautiful moment. One user even called the groom mean.

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