Dulha Dulhan Ka Video: In this video you can see how a drunken groom puts everyone in Jaimala to shame. The bride couldn’t even believe what was happening before her eyes.

Dulha Dulhan Ka Video: It is impossible to even guess when it will go viral in the internet world. Some of these videos are such that the number of times they are viewed does not fill the mind. But there are some videos that feel like forgetting when watching them. An accompanying wedding video has surfaced on social media. In this the groom somehow gets to the Jaimala ceremony but there he goes after the play. By not putting a jaimala around the bride’s neck, she slings her sister-in-law.

Strange act of the groom

In this wedding video, you can see the groom drinking alcohol in his own wedding. Somehow he is brought to the Jayamala ceremony. He doesn’t seem conscious at all. After a few seconds, the bride first wears him a jaimala and then it is the groom’s turn. Once Jaimala gets into his hand, he carries the sister-in-law instead of the bride. Everyone is annoyed by this strange act of his.

Watch this video:

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stunned bride

The bride does not believe her groom’s action at all and she remains completely stunned. However, upon seeing the video, it is clear that this is not an actual incident, but was made for the purpose of entertaining the people. Social media users don’t like the groom’s acting at all and give their reactions in the comment box.

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