Even though it’s still a month away from its release, the first reviews are ahead Ryan Johnson‘s murder mystery Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is out. And they are mostly positive. The critics have praised the film for its tone, smart writing style and the screen presence of its star Daniel Craig. A few critics have criticized the movie, saying it falls flat compared to the first installment, but overall, the word so far is in the film’s favour. Read also: Glass Onion Trailer: Daniel Craig is back for another Knives Out mystery, fans respond

Glass Onion sees the return of Daniel’s fictional detective Benoit Blanc as he tries to solve another murder. Rounding out the all-star cast are Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr, Kate Hudson, Madelyn Cline and Dave Bautista. The film currently has a new score of 93% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, based on 132 reviews.

The critics praised the film’s mystery and ability to mislead audiences. AO Scott, the New York Times critic, wrote: “I can’t say much about what happens in Glass Onion without giving away some surprises, but I can say that part of the fun comes from being wrong about what will happen next. Independent critic Peri Nemiroff called it “another masterful Rian Johnson murder mystery.” He added, “Like the first film, Glass Onion will warrant multiple viewings to fully enjoy the wild amount of precision and passion that went into the film.”

Many critics even said that Glass Onion was better than the first part Knives Out, which came out in 2019. ScreenCrush’s Matt Singher wrote, “As entertaining as the first Benoit Blanc mystery was, I think this one is slightly better.” Jake Wilson, writing for The Age, compared the director to Wes Anderson and Christopher Nolan. “Johnson is halfway between Wes Anderson and Christopher Nolan, while being much more light-hearted and sympathetic than both. Glass Onion is as irresistibly entertaining as any of his work, though it doesn’t lack layers of ambiguity if you look for it,” he wrote in his review.

However, not everyone was convinced by the film. A few critics also found fault. UK’s Times critic Kevin Maher called it “a serious case of sequelitis – it’s bigger, louder, emptier.” New Yorker’s Anthony Lan said he found the film “cold.” “It gleams with mischief, crafted with guile and executed with eager humor…Then why should the whole enterprise feel so curiously thin and cold,” read his review.

Glass Onion had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and is scheduled for a one-week limited theatrical release starting November 23. Netflix from 23 Dec.


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