Funny Video: The video is widely seen on social media. In this, lovers and girlfriends have arrived for dinner, but after a few seconds, the view shown will not be able to stop laughing.

Funny video: Every loving couple wants their loved one to travel the world. Sitting at night under the blue sky, spend some moments of relaxation. Spend some personal and better time with him. Take it to dinner. And many more dreams live with each other of those who love. Also in this, if there is one thing that is best, it is that no one sees them, because those moments are theirs alone. Here too, dinner with the hands of lover and girlfriend makes the date even more enjoyable.

But what if both things turn upside down? When someone looks at them. Not only this, even try doing activities like this. At this point, such a video is going fiercely viral on social media. It shows how a boy lovingly gives his girlfriend a piece of food. That girl looks very happy too.

But both will be addressed later, first you see the woman sitting behind them, who is going to see them without blinking. Her eyes are not on her husband, but on the activities of the couple sitting at the front table. The case doesn’t end there, because the twist is at the end of the video. Seeing that the forest is being fed for her, she begins to insist that her husband feed himself in the same way with his own hands.

The funny video shows that the guy turned out to be great too. He agrees with her, but you begin to laugh, knowing that instead of his wife, he begins to feed the girl sitting at the front table, who was already eating food from her lover’s hands.

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