Cartoons are an integral part of our daily dose of entertainment. Japanese cartoons such as Doraemon and Shin-chan have won a special place among Indian audiences with their Hindi dubbed versions. But have you ever wondered who is the real voice behind these characters? From Sonal Kaushal as Doraemon to Akanksha Sharma as Shin-chan, here’s a list of popular artists who have voiced popular characters.

Sonal Kaushal

Sonal Kaushal is an impressionist. She is best known as the voice behind Doraemon since 2005 and is also the Hindi voice for Pokemon’s Pikachu. Doraemon remains one of the top rated children’s programs in India, still airing on TV channels.

Akanksha Sharma

Akanksha Sharma is the voice behind mischievous Shin-chan. Later, she also voiced Nobita in the popular cartoon Doraemon. In addition to her voice on cartoons, she has also worked on films as a dubbing artist.

Parul Bhatnagar

Do you remember Nobita’s crush Shizuka from Doraemon? Popular voice actor Parul Bhatnagar has voiced the Hindi version of Shizuka for the past 15 years. In addition to cartoons, she has also worked on podcasts and commercials and is a trained classical singer.

Pallavi Bhartic

Pallavi Bharti manages the voice behind several characters from Doraemon. From Dekisugi to Nobita’s mother to Doraemon’s sister Dorami, Pallavi is nothing less than a one-man army for the cartoon series. She has also appeared in a TV show and many TV series in supporting roles.

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