It’s been 20 years for this girl gang, whose WhatsApp group is famously named ‘Guts’ – made up of actors Kareena Kapoor Khan, sister Karisma Kapoor, Malaika Arora and her sister Amrita Arora.

Their girl trips to exotic destinations always draw attention, and Khan laughs when we talk to her about her gang. “I am a driven person. I am passionate about my food, my job, my family and my friends. So when I’m doing something, I’m right there. It’s so important to do that. You have to live your life. I can’t think about what could be, what should be, what’s going to happen. I am a person who is alive now, I want to make the most of this moment,” she says.


She emphasizes that when she’s with her friends, she forgets everything else, adding, “What am I doing with my kids tonight? This is important. I don’t know what I’m going to do 10 years later. The same goes for my friends, that’s more important, it’s only about us when we’re together. That’s why people follow us as a gang!”

About what binds them, even after all these years, the 41-year-old says they think the same. “We are similar, like-minded people, I am so passionate about them. We have that connection, which is why people aspire to be somewhere like us,” she says.


Khan calls her time with her friends “fun” and is quick to reveal who is the most shy and adventurous of the group. “Lolo is the most shy, and I would say Malaika is the most adventurous. She is quite fearless. Ammu and I, we are only interested in wine and pasta! (laughs) Lolo is the shy prude, and she always has been,” said the actor.

Maintaining friendships, when everyone in the gang has hectic professional obligations, should be a task. Khan has been the busiest. What was it like for them to do it the same way for two decades now?

She shares: “Everything is difficult, but you have to make your decisions. You have to decide ‘this is what I’m going to do’. It’s not like I have to have an obligation every day, like if I’m not shooting for an ad, what I’m not? I’m not. When I’m not shooting, I love to take an afternoon nap! I’m that person, and Ammu and I hook up. She sends me a message ‘are you taking a nap?’ and I answer ‘yes, I’m going now!’”

All this chatter rejuvenates Khan, in her own words. “It gives me perspective on my life and future. I have never pursued success alone. That is also what sets me apart,” she signs.


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