As Mega Star Chiranjeevi celebrates his 67th birthday today, we would like to come back to a very important aspect of his life, fatherhood. It is known to all that the Megastar shares a unique bond with son and Powestar Ram Charan. The father and son duo is touted as one of the country’s most successful duos defining strength, elegance, unparalleled family connection and humility. While the father paved a path of inheritance, the son has further developed the legacy by earning fame and accolades from international waters, making not only Chiranjeevi but the whole country proud of him. Call them Pan India Stars, Mega Stars, but no single term is enough to sum up the love that Chiranjeevi and his son Ram receive from all over the country and the diaspora. On the occasion of Chiranjeevi’s birthday, we present to you some heartwarming images that speak volumes about the bond they both share.


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